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About Jarzee Entertainment
Jarzee Entertainment is a youtube channel which provides piano tutorials for Hindi songs and English songs . Jarzee Entertainment has also produced some short films on youtube.

About Website
This web site is meant for piano notation , Midi files and Sheets music for mobile/mini piano keyboard players but you can use these contents to playing in any keyboard and piano device. All the contents that are available in this web site are based on the content that are available in youtube channel. i.e All the piano notes are based on the same song's tutorial videos of Jarzee Entertainment.
Purpose of this web site
  • This web site is meant for convenient of the users/subscribers of Jarzee Entertainment youtube channel. while my video viewers of youtube was facing problem to learning piano without notes I decided to provide them piano notes, midi's and sheets to make learn them easily.
  • Other purpose of this web site is to provide quality content to the piano lovers and to give same notation that i have used in youtube videos to play a song.
  • All the midi's in this web site are recorded using mobile device so that you can use these midi's to learn on any type of device. i.e Mobile or tablet or desktop
About Content
  • All the content of this web site is designed and made by me(Jarzee Entertainment admin) or in my supervision, So all the contents are original. (Not songs rights)
  • All notes, midi's and Sheets are made based on my channel videos
  • All midi's are recorded using Perfect Piano mobile app.
  • All the contents are free in this site.
About Admin
  • Name : MD Musarrat Ansari
  • Address: Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh, India
  • Email : admin@jarzee.in

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